We Have Some Shocking Black Friday Footage (and Cyber Monday Deals)

Black Friday? More like the Blackest Friday, the evening when all humanity turn on one another to try to  save a few bucks. It can be a scary thing, and with the deals that now come on cyber-Monday (which you can see here) some people just sit home on Black Friday and wait out the madness from the safety of their own home.

As you can see from the following Walmart footage, not everyone followed the same ideals:

All kidding aside, some people did die last night. There is actually a death count RIGHT HERE, which shows you the above footage I chose does work incredibly well, sadly.

Ten people died last night to save money, probably trying to buy Christmas gifts for their kids. 107 other people were seriously injured, real stats.

Happy holidays.

[Via Me]

Remy Carreiro


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