This Footage of An African Hailstorm Will Make You Want To Wear A Helmet Outside

When you hear the word ‘hailstorm’, the last place you assume (never ASSUME) there would be one would be Africa, but yet, here we have footage of a hailstorm that happened in Johannesburg, South Africa this week, and generally, it looks like white bullets falling from the air.

For those who don’t know (which is probably no one but let’s just figure there is one of you), hail is the weather phenom that happens when snow is in the atmosphere but freezes as it turns to rain on way down and becomes little pebbles of frozen ice that shoot at your skull from the sky, non-stop.

I live in New England, I see three of these suckers a year, at LEAST:

And yes, as the person filming must have figured out, filming from INSIDE is the way to go when a hailstorm hits. You go outside, don’t be surprised if a hailstone (what individual pieces of hail are called, for those of you really intrigued) knocks you out cold.

A piece of ice travelling at 100 MPH into your skull can do that. Crazy to see the force that is mother Nature at work, though, huh?


Remy Carreiro


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