Puck That: Most Amazing Display of Instant Karma You Will Ever See

Having never seen this before, I apologize if you have, but seeing this kind of thing makes you believe in karma and fate (as well as painful irony) so I had to share it with the masses.

Steve Sullivan is the name of the professional Hockey player you will see featured here, and he shares an experience of taking a stick to the face, which split the bridge of his nose.

On his way back to the bench to shake it off, a Colorado Avalanche fan (opposing team) openly mocked Sullivan, pointing at the bridge of his nose and laughing. Though taunting is commonplace in hockey, apparently, karma is too, as you are about to see:


IN THE FACE! The best part? The woman wiping the heckler’s head wound after he takes the puck to the face is the wife of the player who took the stick to the face just minutes before. Shows you who the bigger people are. Still helping him even though he was kind of a dick to her husband. Speaks well of her character.

Man, John Lennon was really onto something. “Instant Karma’s gonna get you, gonna knock you right in the head.”


Those lyrics ended up becoming LITERAL to one man that day. See, sometimes bad things don’t just happen to good people. Some people get just what they deserve in the end!


Remy Carreiro


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