What the What: Utterly Mesmerizing Dance Routine With Spinning Stage

Generally, when you see a dance routine turn into a viral video it is something funny like the famous “Evolution of Hip Hop Dancing” video, as seen below:


But the dance video you are about to see from the Avant Garde dance choreographer Yoann Bourgeois (totes her real name) for her show Celui Qui Tombe is quite unlike any dance routine you have ever witnessed in your life.

The whole performance (it is a live show) revolves around telling a non-linear story using dance that involves a constantly spinning stage. Not sure if you will be able to grasp the talent and obsession this routine must have taken to memorize and execute flawlessly, but the end result is truly mesmerizing to  behold.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I will stick to the only dance I know…



Remy Carreiro


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