Louis C.K Movie Premiere Canceled Due to NY Times Piece About Sexual Misconduct

There is no secret that things right now in Hollywood are coming to a boil. For a long time, it seems MANY people in power have been getting away with some awful behind-the-scenes behavior. But there is an article about Louis C.K. and similar circumstances that just showed up the NY Times, and it is damning to say the least.

In the wake of that news, C.K. pulled the premier of his “I Love You Daddy” movie (creepiest name ever?), in which his daughter is seduced by a far older Hollywood Exec. In the film, she is 17, the man is 68 or so, played by the eclectic John Malkovich.

Thematically, him and his people didn’t feel right now would be a good time to drop the film with The article surfacing and making the rounds.

He also ‘pulled out’ (sorry, that was tasteless) of a late show interview last minute, being replaced by William H. Macy, which does not point to C.K.’s innocence.

The other glaring problem is that I Love You Daddy is an homage to Woody Allen’s Manhattan, also about a young woman dating a WAY older man. And let us not forget the allegations YEARS AGO that surfaced about Woody Allen (he did end up marrying his adopted daughter which is a 10 out of 10 on the creepy scale), seems C.K. may be standing on ice that is just as thin as ‘Woody’ at this point. Now we just wait for it to inevitably break.

So far, Louis C.K. has refused to address these allegations, which never bodes well for the star in mention.


Remy Carreiro


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