Watch A Cocky Car Salesman Almost Get Beheaded By A Van Door

“Why yes, of course the van doors are child-resistant. They won’t shut if something is in the way, I assure you. Here, to prove it I will show youARGHHHHHHH SOMEONE HELP ME, THIS VAN IS EATING MY WHOLE HEAD.”

That is how I imagine the conversation went right before this gif kicks in and shows an awful judgement call on one man who is now, sadly, Ned Starking it, headless.

Just kidding, I am pretty sure he lived. Came pretty close to a Darwin award there, though.

Safe to say he lost the sale that day, but should be grateful he didn’t lose his head. If this was anyone else I would feel bad, but car salesman are evil so this is just fine, karma wise.


Remy Carreiro


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