The Godfather (and Game of Thrones) Themes on Bagpipes You Never Knew You Needed To Hear

The Godfather original soundtrack theme is the stuff of legends, it gives people chills because it reminds them of the power struggles and corruption that infiltrated the fictional Corleone family over the decades.

I will say, hearing said theme played on bagpipes is an experience so unique, I don’t think I can quite capture it in words (and capturing things in words is what I DO).

The very talented young woman you see above calls herself TheSnakeCharmer on YouTube and does covers and songs that people write in and request, along with her own, original stuff

. After being somewhat awestruck by the above cover I decided to go a little deeper down this SnakeCharmer’s rabbit hole and I found another video I HAD to share, though it may be a bit older.

THAT is extremely badass and fits the feel of the show as well. This woman is a powerhouse!


Remy Carreiro


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