American Man Kidnapped By Taliban Freed, Doesn’t Believe Trump is President

In the Kubler-Ross stages of dealing with death and loss, denial IS the first step, and it seems that is just what one American soldier and his wife who were being held by the Taliban felt when they found out who the president was. They LITERALLY thought someone was messing with them because even to an American soldier, Donald Trump being president makes no sense whatsoever and it is hard to imagine this country CHOSE him to be our leader.

Funny enough, he is not alone in that thought:

Joshua Boyle and his wife had been captive of the taliban for FIVE years (and a day) and they had been hearing Trump was president from the people keeping them captive, but they were 100% sure the captives were just messing with their heads. Then they got out, and don’t you know, Donald Trump is the president. That weird moment when you realize the country you left is not the same country you are cooking home to, and the moment you realize the cruelest thing your captives said to you was TRUE.

Almost makes you wonder if they would have rathered just stay with the Talib…kidding, people. Relax. We may have a dumbass running it, but America is still the land of dreams.

Remy Carreiro


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