Jason Momoa’s Disturbing Rape Comments Resurface, Twitter Responds

Warning, this is pretty disturbing stuff. If you are a fan of Jason Momoa who played Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones and who plays Aquaman in the new Justice League movie, be prepared for those feelings to potentially change when you see the following video:

To the same degree, though, the woman posting the tweet referred to ALL MEN as trash. Listen, he doesn’t represent all men, so to pigeon hole a whole gender because one ex-frat boy said something about rape is pretty damn ignorant, too. Real talk, Liz. Double standard much?

So anyway, double standards for genders aside, the star was talking about how he loved doing fantasy and science fiction roles because you get to do cool stuff like “rape beautiful woman”. In wake of the Harvey Weinstein reveal, this is not the time to be joking about such stuff (*even though the clip IS old). Um, pretty sure that is not cool, bro. We all thought Jason Momoa seemed cool as hell but come to find out, he is just a frat boy in good shape who managed to get famous.

Twitter had a bit to say, as you can imagine:

And OF COURSE there were some fellow ‘bros’ who seemed to think it was okay:

Sorry Jason, but that is some ignorant shit, joke or not, and we have a feeling the people at DC are REALLY pissed off this is surfacing right now. Good luck with that, broseph (I keep calling him a bro because his words proved that is exactly what he is and little else).

An alpha male who thinks he can wave his dick around and not get in trouble for saying stupid shit. Sorry man, the public isn’t behind you on this one, and the ones who are probably agree with you, which is even scarier. How Gal Gadot stood next to you after saying such atrocious things is beyond me.

And to the women now generalizing my whole gender because of one jerk’s comments six years ago, you are just as guilty and ignorant.

Maybe we ALL need to grow up a little.


Remy Carreiro


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