The Inherent Problem With Our Smartphones

Smartphones are a duel-sided blade. On one side, we have never been more connected to everything in the entirety of our lives. From getting a ride when we are drunk (Lyft, anyone?) to literally having a voice that pops up on our phones and tells us how to get where we need to go if we are lost, we are at a point when we are very dependant on them, and for good reason:

They have proven their worth (for the most part).

But with that dependance on this technology comes a sort of loss of independence. At what point do we realize our phones are hurting us as much as they are helping us? The more connected you get to your phone, and less connected you get to the life existing around you.

Here, this will explain I deeper than I can:

So the real question to ask yourself after watching this video is, is my phone an accessory that helps connect me to the world, and that is why I use it? Or, am I addicted to this tech and by using it, am I skewing a normal society to live safely inside of a machine to avoid my real life and real problems?

It is a valid question, and one we should ALL be able to ask ourselves. When the tech takes over, no one wins, and we are damn close to reaching technological singularity here, which, if any of you know, is NOT a good thing.

In other words, put the phone down and watch the concert instead of filming it for ‘later’. Living through a constant lense is not healthy for anyone. Now living for the moment?

That’s where it’s at!


Remy Carreiro


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