Watch These Dolphins Become Extra Intrigued By These Adorable Squirrels Circling Them

Dolphins are known to be extremely intelligent creatures, even going so far as to use headless fish to masturbate with (the ocean’s own, natural sex toys), so it is hardly surprising to see the way these dolphins react to seeing some squirrels run around their tank at Seaworld.

Some are speculating it is adorable. Aw look, they are playing with the squirrels or are intrigued by the squirrels. Other people are saying the video is WRONG and the dolphins are jealous, as they are being held captive against their will, whilst watching the squirrels run free around them.

I say chill the hell out, stop being so pissed about everything, and watch this cute-ass video without looking for depressing subtext, because you look long enough at anything, you will find a reason to find it depressing. Even cute animals.

So cut that crap out, everyone is no damn negative lately. Just let some cute into your life jeesh.


Remy Carreiro


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