How to Become a Social Media and Blogging Fashion Influencer

Have you noticed all of the excitement and activity in the world of online fashion, social media and blogging lately? It’s quite amazing. Start by learning  how to create a blog from 501words. Individuals and fashionistas from around the world are now becoming successful and recognized brands of their own without the need to connect with big-name brands, getting sponsorships or even long-term contracts.

Now it’s all about creating a social following and fashion blog of your own. Today we are going to look at a simple 8 step process to get started with a successful fashion blog of your own.

What it Takes to Create a Successful Fashion Blog and Following Today

While there are many components that come into play when creating a blog and trying to be an online influencer, the basic principles are often the same. Before going live with your fashion blog, be sure to consider each of the following best practices and data points.

Choose a unique name for your blog

Before going live with your blog, take some time to think about a great name for your site. In most cases, if you want to brand yourself as an expert or fashionista, it would be best for you to register a domain name using your personal name. If this option isn’t available, try to think of something fun and creative that you would like to build a brand around.

Install WordPress and get a nice layout

WordPress is powering more sites on the internet today than any other CMS platform. The great thing about WordPress is that it’s free to use and anyone can go live with a professional website without ever touching a line of code, being a designer or needing to hire anyone in the process.

Think about what sets your style apart

With all of the success and competition in the world of fashion, you are going to need to build a brand and name for yourself. The best way to do this is by having your own personal style associated with everything you create. Take a look at some of the other top fashion bloggers in the world today and see how their brands are standing out from the crowd through originality and creativity.

Brush up on your photography skills

If you want to build a massive following in the world of fashion, you are also going to need to have some high-quality content and images. With so much competition in this space and many of the top bloggers already having professional images, it will be important for you to do the same. Also, try to create your own images and photos as you will have 100% ownership over this content.

Be active on Instagram

While there are many different social media platforms out there today, Instagram continues to be the one of choice for fashion bloggers. Not only are these social users growing a massive following, they’re also making a lot of money in the process. Some of the top fashion users on Instagram currently have millions of followers. No matter what type of content you are posting, be sure to send out social updates to your audiences throughout the day.

Plan out your content creation

Another important thing fashion bloggers need to do is think about the type of content they are going to create, how they’re going to provide value for their audience, and also have enough content for the next several days, weeks, and months to come. Don’t just think about the content you were going to create now, also plan for the future.

Another great idea to improve your reach and content creation is to focus more on visual content. A perfect example of this would be an infographic. When it comes to social media reach and going viral, it’s all about making sure you have the best visuals and eye-attention grabbing content. If you are completely new to the concept of infographics, all you need to do is visit Google and search for them. You will find amazing visual art and graphic for nearly all brands and talking points out there.

Network with other fashion bloggers

With so much content already on the internet and fashion bloggers all over the place, this leaves an amazing opportunity for you to network with other authority and fashion experts as well. Explore all of these options to see how you can share content with other sites and maybe even guest blog and provide them with contents in the process. In addition to networking with other fashion bloggers, you can also jump into the world of celebrity gossip blogs as well. Many of these sites have a massive following and are always looking for new content — especially when it comes to celebrity fashion. Reach out to as many entertainment sites and blogs you can find, and see if any of them are looking for guest bloggers, which can ultimately increase your following and authority in the process.

Monetize your blog

Well growing a fashion brand and following should be your priority, once you have everything in place that we’ve already mentioned, it will lead to an amazing opportunity to actually make some money in the process. With several options on the table to monetize your content, always think about your audience and make sure you are providing them value and not jeopardizing your reputation poor quality just to make some money with your blog.

To see a summary of everything discussed above, be sure to view the full infographic below.


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