Unique Digital Marketing to Grow Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is one of the least expensive means of marketing. It tends to have a long-term payoff more so than an immediate impact and is best utilized alongside other strategies that are more direct. PPC and banner ads are good examples, where display ad costs tend to be lower because they are measured in several thousand views.
That entire concept of product awareness and customer eyes on branding has evolved into some unique opportunities for digital marketers.

Video Game Product Placement

Product placement in media isn’t a new concept, but virtual reality animation is. Customers can find themselves absorbed in a brand’s messaging, with a visceral experience inside a virtual world. Marketers could not possibly dream up a better scenario to employ effective sales tactics.

There are some surprising stats that show the viability of video game advertising, and the growth of the industry. IDC says that the value of the VR market alone will be nearing $162 billion by 2020, which is not that far off. The rise of less expensive hardware, better tools for user content generation, and more platforms to access that content will prompt more people to take the plunge into VR. This same mechanism is already at work with the explosion of indie video game development currently taking place.

Live streaming

A new concept is to live stream the making of something, or the event itself. Many news organizations already do this through Facebook or Twitch.tv. Viewers share their feelings about what they see in real time, providing a massive store of data to analyze. Live chat is sometimes full of trolls, but like any form of feedback, there is value buried in all of those posts.

Live streaming is like an untouched landscape, and it’s not really clear what the best path forward is for most companies. Think of live streaming as very intimate. It requires lighting and excellent camera work, as well as a good computer to handle the video feed, but the investment can pay off with the right plan of action. It’s also important to partner with the right platforms to distribute your work.

Social Media

The social media landscape has become crowded, so users have learned to distinguish the fake voices from the real personalities. Take the time to craft thoughtful content, distribute it through the proper channels, and stay consistent. Consistency is one of the unwritten rules for social, and it’s how big brands stay relevant.

Consistency benefits from posting calendars and lots of planning beforehand. Posts should be created for the month, rather than for the week, so everyone has time to review the content and decide whether it puts the best foot forward.


Blogging has shifted to micro-blogging, a faster form of short-hand blogging that incorporates media. Video and photographs are popular choices, and Tumblr and Instagram are two widely utilized platforms.

The important takeaway is to experiment with new content while remaining consistent. A good blog feeds social media, and everything links back to a call to action that allows the customer to do something that leads to a sale.

Blogging is part of the larger chain and is meant to strengthen your referral traffic. Distribute posts on relevant platforms and you may find a few go viral within your market.

Final Thoughts

Digital marketing allows you to think outside the box, pursue low cost alternatives and apply innovative thinking. You can find ways to drum up interest for your brand using any of these channels.


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