Yes, the World Is Ending, But Hey, What Can You Do?

Hey, some news site has to have the balls to say what none other will. We have half the country underwater, and half the country on fire. We have a buffoon who rubs Cheetos on his face running our country, and yes, we are in talks on a nuclear war. If the war won’t be on a world, nuclear scale, expect a civil war among us, the has versus the have-nots. The disgustingly racist versus the multi-ethnic.

I am not an extremist of any sort, but only sleeping beauty wouldn’t see this all for what it is, and her only justification for that would be sleeping through it.

Be nice to the people you love. Call your parents and forgive them for ruining you as a person in your formative years. Sleep with someone outside of your league.


And I feel fine.

And, and also, the world is REALLY SUPPOSED TO POTENTIALLY END TOMORROW (though it won’t).

Please do! This place is a fustercluck


Remy Carreiro


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