This Amazing Little Girl Was Born With the Heart OUTSIDE Her Body

Some people think they know strength and perseverance, but they don’t. They just know what a bad day or two is like. Now the little girl featured below, Virsaviya (Game of Thrones style name much?) is a TRUE symbol of strength and perseverance.

How so?

She was born with a rare condition that places her heart outside of her body, beating visibly just below a thin membrane of flesh.

It is a surreal sight to see at first, but once you see the unbridled strength in Virsaviya and her mother, you realize, your very definition of a good attitude and strength forever changes because of these two.

The condition is actually called Pentalogy of Cantrell, and please click the link and watch the above video to understand more about this condition and this remarkable little girl who does NOT let said condition define her or hold her back.


Remy Carreiro


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