Strippers Hold Topless Car Wash to Raise Money for Police

I really feel like that headline told you everything you need to know about this absurd (but good hearted) story, but I will delve deeper for the more curious of you. A Marysville strip club called City Limits Showgirls held a fundraiser where they washed cars while topless on that raised over two thousand dollars for two Sheriffs in the area who were recently wounded.

How, did they pull this off, you ask? They put up a giant tent so any passersby wouldn’t get distracted and drive into a tree or something, they set the hours, and of course, the cars came a pouring in.

Though the police station say they have no affiliation with the strip club, I am pretty sure they are grateful for those altruistic, half-naked women trying to make a difference.

And a topless car wash is about as grand a dream as any I have ever had. Sign me up and someone give me directions, stat!


Remy Carreiro


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