If you read this site daily, you saw the disturbing video that showed a hot dog vendor being harassed and then ROBBED by a massively craptastic cop yesterday. The world was up in arms, as were we (which is why we shared it).

Here is a reminder for those who missed it:


Well, good news for those who spent all day yesterday unable to forget that man’s forlorn facial expression. You can sleep easier tonight, as it seems the internet kind of banded together behind this hot dog vendor’s cause and raised him fifty-four thousand dollars to make up for the police oink-ficer. And the world is working on getting  the joker in with the badge seen above fired.

Now, a GoFundMe to support the street vendor has collected more than $54,000, as of Tuesday morning. A petition to fire the police officer who issued the citation has collected more than 28,000 signatures. 

You can’t help but let out a sigh a relief that Americans banded together and did this on, of all days, 9/11. Just shows you there is a truly giving spirit in us and all the stereotypes about Americans aren’t really that accurate. Afterall, action speaks louder than words and that is just what we all collectively did here.

Acted. And look at the difference it made in ONE life. Feels great to follow-up a sad story with a great ending. Also, no more dirty cops. That shit is getting sickening. I would rather police myself than be run and ruled by bullies and bigots, real talk that SOMEONE needs to say.

Remy Carreiro


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