Man Crushed by Giant 600 lb Ball in Fake Bull Run, Probably Dead

Personally, we respect the shit out of this (not the crushing part but the not using actual bulls part). Bull runs may seem fun but few Americans seem to understand, the bulls are gored to death at the end, regardless of how it goes. It is a sad and archaic tradition, and as a result of public outcry in some parts of Spain, the bulls have been replaced.

In this case, replaced with a 600 pound ball (roughly same weight as small bulls) and as you can see, one man doesn’t fare very well at all.

Truth is, the man is in a coma now, so here’s hoping he pulls through. Maybe next time a 600 pound ball is rolling at you you might wanna move out of the way instead of standing still casually with a drink, but we wish him well.


Remy Carreiro


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