3 Small Businesses with Something to Teach You About Social Media Marketing

If you want more likes and shares on your posts, you’ve got to think outside-the-box. The average consumer doesn’t log onto Facebook looking to buy things. They’re online to communicate with friends, get the latest news, and to laugh at memes. Your social media marketing should convince them to shop instead, but this is easier said than done.
Take a page from the following businesses. They’re doing social media right. They leverage social media to market their products and services for free, and you can learn a lot from their social media strategies to push engagement on your own pages.


How do you tell people that cannabinoids are good for their pets? Canna-Pet, a leading provider of canine cannabis, uses their social media accounts to educate people on the many benefits of cannabinoids. Non-psychoactive cannabinoids can be used to help with things like pet anxiety, arthritis, allergies, seizures, mobility issues, and more.

It’s an all-natural pain reliever, but most people probably don’t know it’s pet-related benefits.

Canna-Pet uses social media to help educate people about their business. Right away, their page is notable because it features a video header. This is a new feature on Facebook, and one that can be leveraged to operate a free long-running commercial for your business. The small business also prominently features their 4.8-star rating and a link to their many positive reviews. Combined, these two methods promote the business in a fast and effective way, without overwhelming visitors with a sales pitch.


Earthegy placed fourth in Social Media Examiner’s “Top 10 Small Business Facebook Pages” contest in 2012. The company sells modern jewelry made with ancient gems. Despite a marketplace flooded with competition, Earthegy continues to have record sales numbers. This is due to the quality of their product and the quality of their marketing campaigns.

In between thoughtful posts and memes, the company frequently offers surprise discount promotions in their Facebook feed. They also include discounts for referrals, and a rewards structure that gives points to people who buy their products on a regular basis. Like Earthegy, it’s recommended that you respond to customer requests and online engagements quickly and efficiently. Their fan engagement and frequent updates is what keeps their page popular.


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Pool Supply World

You wouldn’t think a pool supply company would have a sense of humor, but Pool Supply World’s Facebook posts prove that any organization can be funny. On Star Wars Day (May the 4th), they posted a picture of a man in a Stormtrooper costume cleaning a woman’s pool. Using the appropriate hashtags (#maythe4thbewithyou), they guaranteed more engagement than just their fanbase, and it was silly enough to garner a bunch of likes and comments.

The company also frequently posts attractive photos of pools. It’s basically running a virtual billboard that advertises pools, their products, and their services. Like Earthegy, they run frequent promotions, such as their underwater camera giveaway. Their goal is to attract swimming enthusiasts and pool owners, as well as people who have pool envy. It’s those folks who will someday purchase a pool and need the products and services Pool Supply World offers. It helps to keep a running record of your most engaged with posts, and then use those to build a sort of infographic. You can use that information to create better content and share the infographic with your followers.

Your brand should be reflected online, but it shouldn’t be presented in a way that’s boring. Feel free to copy the marketing strategies of businesses that are successful on social media. You’ll notice they have a sort of cohesive personality that’s original and promotes their products and services. You should create a voice of your own, and offer more than just sales. Find and share content that engages on a deeper level, and you’ll build loyal followers for life.


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