World’s First Ever “Beer Bath” Opens to Public in Austria

A genuine love for beer seems to be the one thing that still connects us all worldwide, no matter where you go. Once you speak the language of beer, you speak a universal language to many. Well, best make sure you passport is up to date with any recent changes addressed. I say this because by the end of this article, you WILL be booking your plane ticket to go bathe in beer, for real.

About the pool itself:

The Schloss Starkenberger brewery in Tarrentz have put together seven 13 foot pools filled with their trademark brew, but taking a dip in the boozy beverage comes at a steep price of £200 per two hours.

I think the single complaint outside of that lofty price tag would be should worry people how much they actually switch out the beer or keep it clean? Without chlorine,  should I be swimming in this yeasty stuff?

Eh, questions are for dorks, right? Look at emo Jon Snow below, he seems super chill (heh heh) about it:

Just dive in and get slowly get wasted while your body ingests it. Or quickly depending on how much you drink from the pool itself. Just be careful for Hep C. Not too many people like that in that beer.

Remy Carreiro


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