Help Kickstart A Horrifyingly Funny Watch That Shows Trump’s Tweets Live

First off, let me say I have no objection to this item, and I find the humor in it. I just cannot understand why anyone would want Trump’s ideology (and mug) attached to their wrist for daily reminders of how fast we are going down the toilet, but THAT IS JUST ME. Supposedly at LEAST 34% of Americans seem to like this guy inexplicably, so maybe this Kickstarter is for them.

Long and short, you get a old style wrist watch with Trump’s Face on it that shows his tweets, live on your watch. With a nifty and super-ugly red, white, and blue wristband to really drive the message home.

Could also be for those who want to mock him and have an opportunity to say “you HAVE to see what dude just said” to people around you before they get all the glory. Either way, YOU can be a part of history by making this nightmare dream a reality! They are currently about $300 dollars into a four thousand dollar price point with a day and a half left to pledge.

Perhaps you can help?

Click Here to Donate and Make Trump Watch Happen.

Remy Carreiro


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