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Startups can be hard to, well, start up. Sum up all the time you spend perfecting your business idea, with the time taken to perfect your pitch and plans, and add to that all the time spent searching for and pitching to potential investors, and it all equals out to be- exhausting.

Enter Waccal, the company, founded by brothers Ash and Anil Mohammed, aimed at turning the startup pitching game on its head. The platform brings startups and investors together in one intuitive interface, to allow startups more time to focus on what’s important: their product.

Though only just recently launched, Waccal has already made waves in the startup community. They currently have more than 180 startups and investors signed up to their website, and that number is only growing.

To simplify the interface the platform is split into four categories:

  • The Profile is pretty self-explanatory, but it is the introduction to you and your business. They don’t say first impressions matter for no reason. This gives you the chance to make yourself come across as unique and memorable. It is your chance to ‘share your story with the world!’
  • Network gives the chance to, well, network. Your chance to connect with existing networks but also brand new ones. As the guys at Waccal believe, it’s never too early to build a strong network of startups, investors, and surfers.
  • Their Portfolio app lets you manage all investor companies in one spot. It keeps tabs of past and present investments and gives you the chance to collaborate with your team for future investments via the Deal Flow feature.
  • Capital is where your funding is recorded. It is designed in a way that creates total transparency with current investors and gives any potential investors the opportunity for due diligence.

Additionally, when searching for either new investors or companies to invest in, Waccal has a search bar right in the middle of the home page (seriously, you can’t miss it) where users can select either startups, investors or ‘surfers’. The search function also comes with a wide array of filters where you can specify the desired Business Life Cycle, Industry, Last Round and even the Location of the company or investors you are looking for.

Waccal streamlines the whole startup/investor relationship and has created a platform to make it easy for everyone to get their foot in the door. CEO Ash has said of Waccal’s reception in the community: “Entrepreneurs are taking a sigh of relief when they hear about our portal for the first time, as they can finally spend time on what’s most important to them – building the product or service they are passionate about.”

And isn’t that the whole point of it all, anyway? 

Nic Waddell


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