So There Are PINK DOLPHINS?? This Is As Close to Unicorns As We Get…

Seems one very lucky Louisiana woman was in the right place at the right time and  ended up catching a very rare pink dolphin (on video, mind you, not a hook) swimming along the vessel she was in in the Louisiana channel. At first she said there were two, and one vanished before she busted out the camera.

Known as river dolphins, pink dolphins ARE rare  but not unheard of, especially for the body of water they were in.

Basically what you are seeing is an albino version of a dolphin, lacking the melanin that other dolphins have that augment their pigment. Riverboat captain says he has been seeing “Pinky” (the dolphin’s name) since it was just a wee little thing.

You gotta admit, it looks like a creature out of Adventure Time.


Remy Carreiro


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