5 Working Methods to Explode Social Media Traffic Back to Your Site

If you have a website, a blog or even a business online, you are likely already using social media in one way or another. In fact, you are probably trying to use both your site content and social media together to increase traffic back to your site while reaching new audiences in the process. With Facebook already at over 2 billion active users, and Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest throwing another billion into the mix as well, it would be a huge mistake to not constantly be trying new things to get even more out of your social media efforts.

Today we are going to throw even a few more ideas your way to help increase traffic, branding, and revenue to your site. Best of all, nearly all of these methods are free and will help with the overall success and growth of your site — while also building a powerful social media following in the process.

Start Connecting with Your Audience through Mobile

We already know that more people are using their mobile devices to access the internet. Most site owners and bloggers have already put in the time and effort to make sure their sites are responsive, and some have even created apps of their own. However, there are still plenty of ways to get even more out of users who just can’t seem to put their mobiles devices down.

The first method is to make sure you are running ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, by targeting ‘just mobile users’. This is important, as it can heavily sway the results of your campaign and also increase click rates and conversions. Create separate campaigns for both desktop and mobile, as this will allow you to split test which advertising options work best. For any websites or businesses that already have a mobile application, it makes perfect sense to advertise only to your mobile users, and not waste money on desktop views.

At the same time, there are other alternatives to naturally increase your mobile and application traffic as well. One such solution is Link Texting, which makes the process of delivering a download link right to a mobile device extremely easy. Imagine how much easier it is for your audience to download your app if a link was sent right to their mobile device, versus having to go to your site, clicking another link and downloading it through an app store?

Host Your Own Webinar and Build a Mailing List

If you currently have a website or blog that sells a product or provides a service, hosting your own webinar is not only a great way to increase sales, it’s also an extremely effective way to build your mailing list. When factoring social media into the mix, not only do you have the option to reach a whole new audience, you also have the opportunity to get them on your mailing list as well.

Webinars work best when you have a product or online course to sell. The reason for this is that you can put some advertising dollars behind your next webinar campaign and make sure you have a large enough audience showing up so you can make a few sales. If you don’t currently have anything to sell, but already have a large website and social media following, refer to this course creation guide and discover how easy and profitable it is to go live with a course or membership site of your own.

When it comes to the actual set up and running of a webinar, it’s also pretty easy. Just like creating a WordPress website or starting a new mailing list, nearly all of the technical work is already done for you. Most webinar providers will have software that can be downloaded, or some even offer live streaming through a web browser — which is even better for you and your audience as it’s one less complication throughout the process. I recently ran a webinar with ClickMeeting, and it was quite cool. Instead of just having my audience look at slides I created, they could also view a live video of myself talking to them as I went through the slides. This made for a much more personal experience and allows your audience to not only know you better but also to gain your trust in the process.

Create an Expert Roundup and Share the Wealth

Finding success on social media is all about social shares and getting as many people to see your content as possible. It sounds easy enough, but if you really want to see results, you are going to need to get some social shares from some big players and industry experts within your space. This is also being used to not only drive traffic back to web sites, but to also increase site revenue with affiliate marketing as well. When this method of monetization is being used, it works best for many brand marketers, as they simply only need to recommend a product or service versus actually having to create and sell one of their onw.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is through the use of an expert round up post. The way such posts work is quite simple. First, you need to come up with a question that you would ask a bunch of industry experts within your niche (which also being a question your audience would like to know as well). The second part of the process is to build a list of everyone you would like to include in your roundup. Lastly, you need to contact all of them with your question and compile their answers into one big mega post. Once the post goes live, you can then follow-up with everyone who participated and let them know the post when live.

The value here is three-fold. Your audience is getting great value out of the content, your site is getting content and authority figures on its site, and everyone you featured in your roundup is getting exposure. To see an example of what a live roundup post looks like and how effective and full of content they can be, check out this one I did on the best web hosting providers, which ended up having over 80+ industry experts contribute. With all of this in play, the majority of people you featured on your site will likely share the post on social media and maybe even link back to it from their site as well. It’s an extremely effective way to create amazing content, while also getting long term backlinks and social shares to your site. Just be aware… it’s also a timely and manual process.

Turn Your Best Content into a Shareable Infographic

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, it’s quite likely you already have a website or blog. On your site, you probably have some really great content and a decent amount of filler content here and there. The unfortunate scenario with site content is that your best articles usually get lost in the mix over time. A great way to bring new life to these articles, while also reaching a whole new social media audience, is to simply turn your best text content into an infographic. After all, it’s been proven time and time again, content with visuals get 94% more views than those without.

Creating an infographic with your existing content is quite easy. You can throw something together quite quickly with Canva, hire someone on Fiverr or if you have a large budget and need a professional look and feel, you can always go with an infographic design team to put something together for you.

However, creating an infographic simply isn’t enough. You are also going to need to promote it once it goes live on your site. There are also many tips for going viral on social media, which include adding an embed code to your site (on the page where your infographic is displayed), including social sharing buttons on your site, using hashtags on social media and also submitting your image to infographic directories.

The most important thing to remember is that people love visuals more than text. This means your best-written content can come to life once again and even has the chance to go viral if you create a professional looking infographic that people enjoy viewing and sharing with their friends.

Use a Social Media Scheduler for Your Best Content and Updates

Social media marketing and management are tough! Even if you are only going to use top networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you are still going to have a massive amount of work ahead of you if you are doing each update manually. At the same time, it’s important to realize that your time zone isn’t the same as everyone else. This means your social profile page is likely to be getting views every minute or hour of the day. If you don’t have fresh content going live at all times, you could be missing out on a lot of traffic.

At the same time, social media is great for bringing new audiences back to your best site content. To accomplish this, I’ve been using a social media scheduler called MeetEdgar. The tool is easy enough to use and it allows me to log in and connect multiple social profiles. This way I can update my account with my latest blog posts, interesting marketing facts, entrepreneur quotes and much more. The benefit here is that I can actually schedule in and categorize all of these updates and let the application do the work for me — which is something that would be impossible to do manually.

To learn more about the importance of social media automation, be sure to check out this interview with Laura Roeder, who is the founder of MeetEdgar, and created the solution based on her own social media marketing and branding needs.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to take advantage of what social media has to offer. The good news is that each of the tools and methods above still works extremely well today. Whether it’s an automation tool to help with the scheduling of your social updates, or creating new visual content to increase exposure to your older posts, it’s all about taking action and delivering value to your audience on each social platform.

In addition to everything else mentioned here, be sure to put in the time and effort to make sure your images are always the right size for social sharing. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other networks all have their own set of image and thumbnail sizes. If these aren’t done correctly, you will see a much lower click through and engagement rate, while also looking quite unprofessional in the process.


Zac Johnson is an entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in the world of online marketing and branding. Follow his journey at Blogging.org and ZacJohnson.com.


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