Nine-Year-Old Boy To Face Charges After Amazon Alexa Records His Voice During Break-In

When everyone first heard of the Amazon Alexa there was some excitement about what it could do, but I don’t think anyone thought it would be a guard dog, which is exactly what it ended up being in one case of a break-in, and the end results of what Alexa recorded will drop your jaw.

The Alexa had been recording taking during the break-in at the Gloucester woman’s home had a very familiar voice once the homeowner listened. To her shock, during the recording of the break-in, she heard the distinct voice of her 9-yer-old neighbor, who had ended up taking her iPhone and a bevvy of other things.

After being pressed by the police, the boy confessed and admitted to three other break-ins at the same address prior to the Alexa discovery. He is facing charges in juvenile court.

Hell, maybe the next shocker in the evolution of the Alexa A.I will be literally, putting the machine on the stand to testify. At this point, nothing would surprise me.

Remy Carreiro


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