Man Gives 20-Minute Red Light Rant We All Can Appreciate

We have all been there. We all have that one red light around us that is inexplicably ten times longer than most of the other traffic lights we encounter. There’s not much you can do but sit there and seethe quietly. But one man decided to take that long-ass opportunity to record a video about the very red light he was sitting at, and wouldn’t you know, the rant is pure gold.

I mean, who can argue with any of his rage logic? It all makes sense. I am kind of hoping this is not this guy’s last rant video because honestly, he speaks for the people and we could all use a good mouthpiece right about now to air our many grievances.

Good for you, man, I woulda just punched my steering wheel until my airbag came out. Your rant seems far more mature by comparison.



Remy Carreiro


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