Australian Police Shoot Batman and Joker for Having Sex in Club

And here we thought American police were trigger happy, but I guess we got nothing on the Outback’s police force. I say this because at a recent outing in a nightclub down under, man and woman dressed like Batman and the Joker were shot by police for fornicating in public. Granted, you cannot have intercourse in public as it is illegal, but being shot for it seems a tad bit extreme (unless the Joker was making kids watch, that is f*cked up and something the Joker would totes do). All kidding aside (kind of), there is some fine print here.

For those unaware, this all took place during The Sinner’s Ball, which is a payed for, private fetish event attended by consenting adults. So for 40 armed police to raid the place is really too much. Add to that the simple fact that both Zita Sukys (Harlequin) and Dale Ewins (Batman) were taken to the hospital, with Dale said to be in critical condition just says so much. Before we scream at the cops though, know the whole story.

Thinking the cops were part of the costumed orgy, the man dressed as Batman pulled his fake gun on the cops (sorry dude, you messed up. Batman doesn’t carry a gun), which in turn caused them to open fire, shooting the fornicating superhero couple mid-coitus.

The only other fact we know is that the whole thing is being investigated on both ends (pun intended) and as Batman WOULD say, justice will be served here. It’s just that this is the first time this has happened during such an event in 20 years so no one knows what to do next.

We will keep you all posted on Batman’s condition. For the sake of Gotham, let’s hope he pulls out through.

Remy Carreiro


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