Common Mistakes Beginner Chefs Make In The Kitchen

It seems, right now in 2017, everybody secretly wishes they were chefs. Gone are the days or frozen dinners, seven nights a week, replaced by a society hungry for more creativity in their dishes. Layers of flavors over textures and spices never known to them before.

Thing is, being a chef is not that easy. You don’t just become one because you want to. It is like any skill that needs to be learned and ‘fed’ and given a chance to grow so you can become better and better at it. Watch this video to get some basic “cheffing”101, and you will have a great foundation set up to becoming the chefs you long to be.

Some of you may known some of that, and some of you probably didn’t. Either way, go start impressing your friends and family with your newfound culinary ability.


Remy Carreiro


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