News Reporter Sees Naked Man And Can’t Stop Laughing During Report

While we like to think most news outlets online help perpetuate some of the modern day bullshit the web seems to spread on its own walls so delicately and pretend it is art, but we here at Social News Daily don’t! Bad news rarely makes a person’s  day better. That said, how about we watch this footage of a Dutch news reporter try to report on a music festival when the site of a nude man celebrating just seems to send him off on a laughing tangent he cannot seem to control:

It’s nice to get a break from all the shootings and stupid shit Trump does and says to see some good old  fashioned dick humor. Yes, apparently grown men still laugh riotously at nudity and  good for them. It’s a nice to break away from all the negativity we usually get from the news, international or otherwise.


Remy Carreiro


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