Music, Light and Water in Motion: Stunning Hologram Fountain Appears in China

So one day you are walking down the street in your Chinese province, just doing your thing. Next day, you walk the same route but you see a fountain there. Doesn’t seem spectacular so you go about your business. Next day your walk runs a little later into the night, and you happen to catch the fountain in the darkness, revealing the magic hologram fountain it really is:

Keep in mind, is still very much a real water fountain. The hologram effect is used by projecting those images ONTO the fountain itself, much like you see with some buildings now. And just like the buildings, the end result is pure magic.

You might remember this hologram illusion used before (as seen in above video), but never quite to the level of the above hologram fountain. That is jaw-dropping. Let’s hope one pops up in the states soon. Would love to throw some coins in there like this lady.


Remy Carreiro


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