Another Cray Cray (Yet Decent Looking) Female Teacher Arrested For Banging Student in Car

Just for a moment, I need someone to explain the appeal of a grown woman sleeping with a young boy. Young boys are eager and desperate and don’t know how to satisfy a woman generally, so the fact that SO MANY FEMALE TEACHERS are throwing away their lives now to bang high school kids is beyond my comprehension. Suffice it so say, it has happened again. Another blonde, too. Not sure what it is but these nutters are always blonde, desperately and sadly clinging onto a fading youth in any way they can.

In this case, female teacher Loryn Barclay, who is 24, was caught and arrested for banging a 17 year old (high fives to THAT kid), and that age gap isn’t as bad as the ones you usually hear about, but still, a grown woman (and teacher no less) banging one of her students is just not okay.

Also, imagine how disgusted the world would TRULY be if that teacher was a man and the student a teenage girl? Yeah, pretty messed up. Weirdest part is I hear a story like this I expect the teacher to look like some broken, old, trailer park hag and somehow I am even more disturbed when they look someone normal and attractive. Not like she couldn’t find a man her own age to bang in a car, but hell, what fun is there in that, right?

Seriously, though, good for that kid. He just went from high school kid to legend in his own town.


Remy Carreiro


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