The Who’s Who of Instagram Interior Design [Video]

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Social media such as Instagram and Pinterest which lean heavily on pictorial content have become go-to sources of inspiration for people in search of interior design ideas. Without having to rely on their imagination or take a punt on an idea that might not work out, people can see what’s worked in other living spaces and apply it to their own homes.

The only problem is that there can be too many Instagram interior designers from which to draw design inspiration! Not all designers are created equal, so it’s worth determining which are the best of the bunch and abiding by their ideas and advice.

To help you pinpoint some of the standout designers, the folks at created this short video profiling a few of the top interior design accounts on Instagram.

The criteria of quality interior design are rather subjective, and what one person considers a must-have design could be abhorrent to somebody else, but there’s still plenty of designers who cover all bases.

One such profile is that of Emily Henderson, whose posts encompass designs to suit anyone’s tastes, so you’re bound to find something that will make you think ‘Yeah, I can totally picture that in my kitchen!’.

Posting captivating photos is one thing, but to supplement them with engaging captions and descriptions is another. This is where Orlando Soria excels. He not only captures some astonishing images, but also complements them with text that is witty, humorous and informative. If you regularly browse Instagram for design ideas, his account is a must-follow.

You certainly won’t be stuck for wonderful design inspiration on Instagram, but if you don’t want to meander around the site aimlessly, then check out the designers in the video below for some amazing tips and imagery.

Top Interior Design Instagram Accounts to Follow


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