A Constipated Man Just Had 28 Pounds of Sh*t Surgically Removed

So you think your neighbor Dinkleberg is full of Sh*t? He’s got nothing on a 22 year old Chinese man who just went before surgeons to have 28 pounds of constipated feces removed from his body. To give you a better example of that size, a pug weighs LESS than that. A medium sized bowling ball comes in at about 20 pounds or so. This man was walking around with almost 30 pounds of waste in his body. Think about lugging that poison around inside you? He is actually incredibly lucky that amount of bacteria and waste didn’t turn septic, which would have poisoned and killed him.

The best part is his parents told him it “wasn’t serious” so he ignored it up until this point. Just proves you parents are idiots who want you to die, as I always suspected.

Here, have another look if the shot above didn’t fuel your nightmares enough already:

So remember kids, eat your fruits, veggies, and fiber or else this could be YOUR intestine some day.


Remy Carreiro


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