Facebook’s Open Graph Gets ‘Flexible Sentences’ To Better Describe Shares

Open Graph

Facebook’s Open Graph has a new feature called Flexible Sentences which allows developers to better describe what is being shared. Typically, a story in the news feed is rather bland, e.g. “Tom tracked Muse on Songkick.com.”

Now, apps taking advantage of Flexible Sentences will be able to post stories such as “”Tom tracked Muse to get concert alerts via Songkick.com.”

This introduction to Facebook’s Open Graph will help bring more attention to automatic sharing of information. Developers will also be able to see which stories get the most shares that way they can best optimize their apps.

Developers will still have the option to use the traditional format which looks something like this: [User Name] [Verb] [Noun] on [App Name]. However, if they’re already taking advantage of custom actions rather than Facebook verbs such as “Like” or “Read”, developers can now further customize posts that are automatically shared to the news feed.

Facebook’s Open Graph continues to be very enticing as it helps to easily spread your content. To learn more about Flexible Sentences, you can go here.

Mike Stenger

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