Spinning “Go Kart Kid” Becomes Internet Sensation

All it took was a video surfacing on YouTube recently that showed a kid reaching the exit line of a go kart race in extreme style, spinning like a madman the whole time (you can even see the guy working cracking up and not knowing what to make of it).

Here is said vid:

As you can see, it is already pretty awesome and good for that kid, laughter makes the world better so it looks like he has a good grasp on life. Well, Reddit took quite fondly to the “go kart kid” as we all now call him, and the geniuses at Reddit came up went and made him internet immortal by creating the gif you see below:

Spinning kid on Go Kart

It’s paying homage to the insane, hyperactive, little badass that still lives inside all of us. Keep spinning, little man. Spin until all your dreams come true (or you vomit, whichever comes first).


Remy Carreiro


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