Disturbing Video Shows United Employee Throw 71 Year Old Man on Ground

United Airlines has not exactly been shining brightly in the presses lately, and that is about to get much worse for them. Seems footage has leaked of a 71 year old man  being violently shoved to the ground while having a minor dispute with said United Airlines employee. Obviously nothing the man said could have justified such a violent act, and at his age, and details about the man’s condition seem mum.


What makes this SO REMARKABLE and not in a good way is this is mere months after the David Dao incident. A man who got paid a GREAT DEAL for being dragged off a United Flight so they could take his seat for one of the stewardesses (yes, I just used that word on purpose as United seems very archaic in their practices and beliefs).

Here is the David Dao footage for the three people on Earth who have yet to see it.

So at a time when United Airlines needs good press and publicity more than anything IN THE WORLD (David Dao got privately paid out in the millions, by the way), they went and did something even more stupid and violent.

Don’t fly United, people. They put their customers last, clearly.


Remy Carreiro


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