5 Snap-Happy Cities To Spend Some Time In According to Social Media

With social media providing a window into some of the most photogenic destinations to visit, it’s no wonder we allow social media to influence our travel plans.

As we follow and admire, captivated by the Wanderlust of social influencers, we also gain some glimpses into the types of lifestyles that could be experienced in different countries.

With this in mind, we have listed the 5 top destinations to spend some time in, according to social media.

1. Bali

The hub of yoga, surfing, Buddha bowls and utterly breathtaking surroundings, Bali is probably on everybody’s bucket list.

It is a common day dream to escape to a tropical island and never come back. With social media showing us the sandy beaches lined with lush green jungle, breakfast bowls filled with tropical fruit and berry smoothies, many have already bitten the bullet and turned the dream into a reality.

With year round hot weather, Indonesian food full of flavour, volcanos, exotic animals and ancient ruins, social media has given us a glimpse into heaven on earth.

2. New York

A classic city that never loses its shine. New York City will always be one of the most memorable places to visit.

Social Media has not grown tiresome of snapping this electric city up, for us all to jealously gawp at including the beauty of Central Park and the emerging hipster suburb, Brooklyn.

The architecture, famous landmarks and vibrant atmosphere portrayed in every film, book, Facebook post and song ensures that people will continue flocking to the ‘Big Apple’, for years to come.

3. Sydney

Many Australian supermodels and celebrities dominate social media with glimpses of their luxurious lifestyles, sunny beach outings and vistas of the sparkling harbour city, Sydney.

It’s no wonder we all dream of living it up in a waterfront property, if it wasn’t some of the most expensive real estate in the world.

With over 300 days of sunshine and access to the city and the beach, you have the best of both worlds in Sydney.

You can experience the diversity and cool vibes the city brings, whilst jumping straight into the laid back atmosphere of the nearby beaches.

Furthermore, the number of outdoor festivals makes us wonder if anyone ever gets any work done. Sydney really has the complete package!

4. Paris

The home of romance, fashion, icons like Francoise Hardy and baguettes – Paris has somehow managed to become even more popular on social media.

With fashion and appearance being the main focus for most on social media, what better city to reflect that then Paris.

The small winding streets of Paris continue to emphasis its beauty. Anyone can wander around and get lost (in a charming way) in the ‘city of love’.

5. Copenhagen

Copenhagen has been a European underdog, sneaking up over the last couple of years with its Scandinavian charm.

The hub of cool Scandinavian interior design and home to one of the greenest environments ever. With bicycles parked at every corner, this minimalist city may be one of the most desirable places to live, despite its Baltic temperatures.

Besides, who doesn’t love Danish pastries and lots of home-brewed beer?

With social media showing us the best the world has to offer, all you need to decide now is which destination to choose. There’s many places to see.


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