Ribcage Bragging: The New Social Media Trend Condemned By Many

ribcage bragging

So have any of you caught wind of the disturbing new social media trend sweeping Instagram? It is called ‘ribcage bragging’ and it essentially boils down to really skinny, barely famous women taking pics in bikinis or undies that show their clearly defined ribcages, which is often actually seen as an unhealthy sign, often from under-eating or intentional under-nourishment. The problem is, the trend is getting bigger and bigger, while predominantly (as in 100%) aimed at the female gender.

Some medical experts are trying to stress how unhealthy this is, for both the models involved and the message that sends to the young women follow them and look up to them as role models. Even trying to attain a body like those seen here could be very dangerous for some young bodies, and no one should be emulating and unhealthy trend, which is social media’s biggest failing. It often promotes damnable things and takes no credit for that.

I need you out in Jamaica relaaaxxin..??

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Please understand, in the same breath no one is trying to body shame these women whatsoever. It is just a very fine line between being skinny and proud and promoting an unhealthy lifestyle with unrealistic goals to others, and that is the fear that many have about ribcage bragging. That it sends the wrong message to the most impressionable of all demographics.

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So of course, you know there has to be a Kardashian involved. Can’t have social media buzz without them latching on to its teet and sucklin for a bit. That, alone, should turn any sane, rational young woman off to this terrible trend.


But please, young ladies and men and all people, embrace you as you are! Be you defined by actions and little else. You are not your ribcage or your breasts or your body. You are a person, with more to offer than that. Let’s hope this trend passes as quickly as it appeared, before some poor, unfortunate souls starve themselves to death for social media ‘likes’. Yes, that was a Disney reference to keep things light. Speaking of which….

Shoutout to Ursula from The Little Mermaid for straight keeping it real with them curves, ya’ll.

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