Muslim Group Raises $500,000 For Families of Men Who Died Protecting A Muslim Woman

When we hear the word Muslim in this country, some people’s minds go to one place, and we all know what that place is. We were bred by the media to think it a dirty word when they are simply a group of people who have a different Dogman than many of us. But this story will hopefully shift some ignorance and open some eyes.


For those unaware, there was a recent racist attack on a Portland  train, with a punk-ass trying to harma a Muslim woman. Three truly brave men stepped in and did all they could. Sadly, they ended up being stabbed to death by the very assailant they were trying to stop. Their lives were lost in trying to protect that woman, which they did.

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Real Heroes Don’t Wear Capes!

But there is an amazing silver lining to this tragedy and one you sadly won’t hear on many other sites because GOOD news or news that portrays Muslims in a positive light is not what most crappy news outlets do, but Social News Daily is not crappy and we want the world to know the truth! A group of Muslims got together, started a funding page, and raised HALF A MILLION DOLLARS for the family members of those brave men who lost their lives that day.

Photo of Attacker at a rally who doesn’t even deserve to have his name uttered.

The money is by no a replacement for their lives, but it is a sort of bandage that may help the families heal and move on, and get their children college educations in the future as well. It also shows the world that extremists DO NOT represent the Muslim religion or people as a whole.

The act of  donating and offering solace represents them far better than extremist assholes do.

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Remy Carreiro


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