Having Trouble Building Brand? Maybe You’re Not Using Social Media!

While most of us know by this point in time that building an unforgettable brand is the first step in launching any new business, sometimes we take the wrong path for our industry, or our niche within. Are you having a bit of trouble building a brand you’ve worked so hard to define? If you have been sticking closely to traditional types of marketing and advertising, with little attention given to social media, that could be your problem in a nutshell.

The Key Is to Hit the Market and Hit It Fast

According to Sam Ovens, New Zealand entrepreneur who hit the big time in the millions by the time he was just 26, you need to build brand and build it fast. Needless to say, there is no better or faster way than using social media. Yes, you’ve opened a Twitter account and you post almost religiously on Facebook, but are those the channels where you’ll find your audience? Perhaps not. That might be one of your problems right there.

Find Social Networks That Make Sense

It is actually vitally important that you find a social media outlet which makes sense in your industry. One very good place to start would probably be LinkedIn. That is a social network explicitly set up to connect business professionals with each other. Along the way, it has morphed into something a bit more ‘open to the public’ but the intent was, or so it seems, to link businesses with peers and perhaps a way to match job seekers with employers. No matter how you approach it, use tips like these offered on Forbes.com and you will be well on your way to building the professional side to your brand which is always a must.

Visual Imagery Kicks!

Another thing you probably aren’t doing as well as you can is making good use of visuals. From the colour palette you use to the quality of photos and graphics on your social page, high quality images are an absolute must. However, when you are looking to build brand, remember that every picture tells a story. What comes to mind when you see the Golden Arches? Of course, you think of McDonald’s. What do you think of when you see that check (tick) mark? Yes, Nike sports apparel! So, if you are working to build brand, your visuals need to immediately call up your brand. You want instant recognition and this is just as important on your social pages as it will be on your website, printed advertising, letterheads, television commercials and anywhere else you intend to advertise, market or communicate in some way.

Develop a Personality

Some call this developing a voice, but no matter how you phrase it, the ulterior motive is the same. Your brand should be promoted in a voice that can also be identified immediately. In this respect, we are not talking necessarily about an audible voice but rather a ‘feeling’ that is put across in what someone sees or hears. Use a strong voice, for example, when marketing an outdoorsman’s brand and perhaps a softer way of appealing to people when building brand for women’s lingerie. When building brand for kids apparel and toys, your approach would be energetic and fun. So, you see, it’s in how you approach building brand, the personality/voice you use that hits home.

Building brand is not always an easy thing to do because it takes much thought and a highly creative mind. However, it can be done and you can reach the biggest audience possible by finding the right social media channels, using visuals, finding your own unique voice and hitting it fast and hard. If you aren’t doing that, you aren’t using social media for building brand.


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