Truck Smashes Into Building Called “AnalTech”, Awful Smells Emerge (For Real)

Before any other facts are doled out here, we do want to  make one thing abundantly clear. AnalTech is the shortened name of the business Analytical Technology based out of Delaware. Whereas normally, a small truck smashing into a building with no fatalities is not news, what you need to understand here is the irony of the naming, and how it ties to the aftermath. Two drivers were in a small crackup which caused one of them to crash into the side of the actual building (unintentionally tearing a gaping hole in the AnalTech) and in doing so, the rancid smell that began to emanate from the hole was enough for the locals to get concerned and have a hazmat team brought in. But for those still missing the absolute grandeur of this, a truck smashed into a building called AnalTech and then the area smelled like sh*t. If this isn’t humorous to you, you may very well be beyond hope. Please keep in mind, this would not be the least bit funny if there were any fatalities, but there weren’t, so it is kind of hilarious, no disrespect meant to anyone involved.

The best part about this is the fact that many local residents and people working there have worked towards and demanded a name change. Yet no one got around to it, and now AnalTech is leaking it’s stink all over local Delaware residents. Here’s the best part, and this was literally in the report:

Officials detected an odor coming from the lab where the truck damaged the wall.

The wall at AnalTech, that is. Honestly, you just cannot make this stuff up. Incidents like this make my job incredibly easy (and fun). Again to reiterate, no one was seriously hurt and the smell was identified as not being dangerous, so really, this is just a news report about a really badly named business and one or two bad drivers.

Well, and a huge, stinky ‘Anal’ hole.

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Remy Carreiro


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