California Passes Amazing Bill Prohibiting Gifts from Big Pharma to Doctors

Big Pharma and the FDA are genuinely, the biggest and shadiest drug dealers in the world. They have a system worked out where they reward doctors for getting patients addicted to drugs. This is not a joke or a conspiracy theory or me overreacting and being dramatic. This exists, and you can clearly see that for yourself. The biggest business in the world  right now is big pharma, and the end result is a nation addicted to drugs, yet completely unaware that their doctors did it to them. Well, California took a HUGE and progressive step today and one we PRAY gets followed by the rest of the country. You see, the big kicker is big pharma awards “gifts” to doctors for hooking people on their drugs. Again, totally true and no one has done anything about it. Yes, you would probably hook people on drugs, too, if you knew your bonus was a 10 day trip to Belize, all expenses paid. But California just put it’s big as boot down and said NO MORE!


“I’ll be the first to say that the vast majority of physicians and medical professionals put the needs of their patients first. There’s a reason why doctors answer the call to practice medicine – to help people in their time of need,” Senator McGuire said. “But growing evidence reveals that financial relationships between some physicians and pharmaceutical companies confirm what has been suspected – financial incentives change minds.”

You cannot argue with logic that sound and that simple. Doctors should NOT be getting rewarded for shilling drugs that patients do not need just because it gets them a new boat or house from some drug peddler. These people need to be dragged outside and beaten with sacks full of rocks. But seeing as to how that will likely never happen, California just did the second best thing to beating them with a sack of rocks by basically shutting that whole shady system down.

Now let’s just pray the rest of the country (and world) follow their lead.

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