Killer News: Tom Hardy to Star in ‘Venom’ Film

So it seems we are getting the long-rumored Venom movie afterall, and they landed one of the best actors alive, Tom Hardy, for the main part of Venom himself. For those who do not know, Venom is a favorite Spiderman villain among diehard Spidey fans. Some may remember him from his short appearance in the third Spider-Man movie in the original trilogy (please forget that because it was crap), but this is a stand-alone movie for the big baddie and is also rumored to be getting a hard-R rating and is going more for sci-fi-horror than straight up comic book movie. Also, they are not interested in the 13 year old fans but rather the 35-50 year old fans who actually grew up on the comics and were teenagers when the Venom storyline first hit. The simple fact that Tom Hardy will be the lead in the Venom movie adds a great deal of credibility and authenticity to the whole thing.

Some of us fans heard “Venom movie” and got scared after his last cinematic miscarriage. Like, how can they pull that off? But landing an actor who has Tom Hardy’s acting skills tells us this is a movie they are very much taking seriously and the script CANNOT be shit or we know Hardy wouldn’t have taken it. So based on that, casting, and how dope Venom was in the comic book (he WAS scary AF) in the right hands, they actually might be able to pull this off.

For the TRULY uninitiated, I will give you a brief Venom 101. Space symbiotic (made of black oil type stuff that has a mind and agenda of its own). It eventually takes up host in a rather nasty bully who turns into what is basically a supervillain, bent on destruction and causing chaos. Seems with the film they are keeping the sci-fi angle, but losing anything that connects the character to the Spiderman universe (at least at first). How well the movie captures the character is yet to be seen, but with Tom Hardy on board we cannot help but get more and more excited at how potentially badass the Venom movie could end up being.

More news on Venom as it drops.

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Remy Carreiro


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