Anna Faris Caught Throwing Shade at Husband Chris Pratt’s Female Fan

So what happens when you are married to one of the world’s biggest “hunks” who everyone seems to want a piece of right now? Sometimes you just have to deal with groupies…fans. All kidding aside, a man posted a picture today on Reddit of his wife meeting actor and overall good guy Chris Pratt and jokingly pointed out that Pratt’s (hot and also famous) wife Anna Faris seemed rather unhappy about it in the background. We call that “tossin’ shade” where I am from and it is very much a real thing. In the 90’s it was also known as “stank face” and more recently, RBF or resting b*tch face. Some women can’t even help it, it’s just how their face is. Truth is, Faris looks kind of like she smelled a fart or is trying to figure out a rather difficult math problem.

But seriously, known for doing many comedies herself and having a great sense of humor, Faris seems to have a great attitude about her hubby’s rising star and is probably very much in on the joke, or made that face for an overall better photo for the fan and her husband (snapping the pic). Or she could just be terribly insecure and is already weary of all the OTHER attractive blondes seemingly tossing themselves at her husband. Truth be told, there are plenty of Anna Faris fans out there who would happily toss a “hover hand” around her shoulder for a photo (myself included), so I am sure they both take this all with a grain of salt.

What do they say in Hollywood once one of the celebrities in a celebrity couple gets more famous than the other? I give it a year. Thing is, Faris and Pratt seem like the real thing so here’s hoping they get many, many years together.

Great photo, though. Captured both their essence.

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Remy Carreiro


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