50 Apps to Track Everything

tracking apps

‘How often do you use the apps on your phone or tablet? For most of us, the answer is LOADS, as we now rely on apps for everything from shopping to booking holidays and of course for staying in touch with real and virtual friends.

There is also a whole range of apps that allow you to track various elements of your life, which are now sometimes known as life-tracker apps. The phrase ‘there’s an app for that’ couldn’t be any truer these days, and these life-tracker apps promise to help you analyse and optimise your life.

These apps can allow you to track your health, from your heart rate to periods, pregnancy, weight, diet and even your bowel movements – if that’s your kind of thing! They can track your shopping list, your appointments, your mobile data and your social media activity. They can keep an eye on your musical choices, your phone use and your travel arrangements, as well as your budget, investments, carbon footprint and even your net worth – if it’s worth knowing.

Take a look at the tracking apps below and decide for yourself whether this sounds like just the help you need or technological micromanagement. Or maybe just to feed that tiny tendency for obsessiveness…

tracking apps

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