3 Startups That Are Doing Social Media “Right”

An effective start up company realizes the potential of social media marketing. While large corporations can spend vast amounts of money on advertising and marketing, small start ups have to find ways to creatively reach customers. Social media is the perfect avenue: affordable and accessible. However, being successful on social media can be a hit or miss. Let’s take a look at start ups that are doing social media “right.”


Known as the chat app for gamers, Discord is quickly making a name for its self. It provides a way for gamers to connect with others and discuss all things gaming in specific channels that fit their need. However, the startup was not an instant success. Through trial and error, the developer was able to figure out what their audience wanted. One of the ways they were able to connect and succeed was through social media.

This app further secured its success by paying attention to popular trends, such as the rising popularity of the augmented reality game, Pokemon Go. It has become the important online platform that users are so interested to buy members for Discord servers to enhance their visibility. Discord has become a major resource for players of this game and the company uses this to their advantage. For example, they make many connections to the game on their Facebook page.


A Better Florist

A Better Florist is a startup business that is working hard at revolutionizing the flower delivery business in Singapore. This business model allows customers to purchase floral arrangements online and guarantees quick and efficient delivery. As a small startup, they quickly figured out how important it was to master social media. A perfect example is A Better Florist’s Instagram feed. It is filled with examples of their beautiful products and quickly captures their audience’s attention.


That page also gives attractive details about their services, such as free delivery. The company uses every opportunity to attract customers.

Squatty Potty

The Squatty Potty may have been introduced in 2015, but the company has still remained a major social media presence. The product involved helping correct posture during defecation and promised more efficient bowel movements. This taboo subject was something that many did not talk about, but this company showed that it was OK to talk about it. Squatty potty took a taboo subject and made it a mainstream topic. Their products became best sellers. In fact, their influence was so wide that celebrities, such as Howard Stern, began to promote the company. One of Squatty Potty’s paths to success was social media. For example, its simple commercial featured a unicorn pooping rainbows. Its uniqueness made it a viral gem and it was quickly shared by many. In fact, it has been named the most viral ad in web history. The company continues to harness that viral power by creating unusual and unique advertisements. A look at its social media channels, such as Instagram, shows who the company uses it signature unicorn to spark curiosity into its products.


These three startups are perfect examples of how social media can be used to transform a company and create success. Do you know of a startup that has mastered the art of social media?

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