Sparkly Unicorn Nipple Patches: Another Head Scratching Trend

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Unicorns seem to be the big fad these days. Drinks, desserts, clothing… where will the madness end? Apparently, not anywhere in the near future. The newest unicorn fad to hit the market: sparkly nipple patches. We are as confused as you are…

Marketed as “magical unicorn nipple pasties,” we aren’t sure exactly what the retailer, BadBunnyShop is trying to achieve. Where would you wear these? As a solely online retailer, we are sure they have found some eager shoppers to purchase the sequin nipple covers.

unicorn nipple patches

These naughty mythical creatures are handmade and made to order. They are supposedly great for music festivals and parties. We wonder if any of the stranded Frye Music Festival participants purchased a pair?

The retailer offers more than just a unicorn variation. In fact, they specialize in a number of pop culture inspired nipple patches.

Oh, but if you do purchase a pair, you should probably know that adhesive isn’t included. You will need to provide your own body tape or glue. However, if you are shopping for a pair of nipple patches, chances are you have those materials on hand already…

What do you think about strange trend?

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