Strategic Advertising to Millennials

Millenials have grown up with the internet at their fingertips and make up for more online interactions than any other generation. This can make advertising to them a bit difficult since traditional advertising techniques do not attract them. This is where social media and your social media management comes into play.

Which Platform is Best?

There really is no one platform that is better than others, what matters is trends. Interestingly enough, it’s been revealed that most advertisers avoid SnapChat and will go to Instagram (SnapChat’s biggest competitor) for advertising. More often than not, advertisers have found their ROI to be less than what they want when they use SnapChat.

What is important is creating engaging content on various forms of social media. When your target market feels important, they will likely want your product or services. But which platform you use will influence your advertising. Here is the skinny on various platforms:

  • LinkedIn – business oriented and services do well on this platform. However, millennials are not a fan of this platform because it’s less social and more focused on work.
  • Facebook – very social and less business oriented. Small businesses providing home services or products do well here. These folks love to share their reviews on restaurants and haircuts!
  • Twitter – perfect platform to converse with your market and get to know them. Limited characters create a limited chance for advertising.

Change How You Advertise

There was a time in which advertising used very specific images to convey a certain message. Women were often the homemaker with men off earning the income. There may be children, there may be references to the American Dream. But with the diversity that millennials are exposed to, those images no longer work to attract them. Additionally, many millennials are suspicious of blatant advertising techniques. They don’t put a lot of faith into a business being their friend.

Your message must be clear and contain the following:

  • You are as diverse as their world.
  • You are up to date with current socio-political issues.
  • You care about the environment and your impact.
  • You are not afraid of standing up for what is right.

These are the things that millennials care about the most. They don’t want to see the same old advertising techniques, they want to see their own world view being portrayed. They want to see you as a peer, not as a business.

Engage as Much as Possible

Your social media manager should be utilizing multiple platforms and engaging with them as much as possible. If the manager posts a picture on Instagram of your most recent event, that picture should be shared on Twitter and Facebook as well. If the manager is providing infographics on the blog, that should be blasted out on every platform. If a person from your target market is asking questions about your product or services on Twitter, the response should be to the point, responded quickly, and then included in your FAQs online.

While advertising to millennials can sound like a challenge, it can happen. The focus just needs to be about stepping outside the traditional box and coming up with new ideas. If you are in the market of hiring a social media manager, you want one who can show you proven techniques they have utilized in the past. It will be well worth your time to allow someone who knows the millennials well to take charge and bring them to your business.


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