The Carb We Never Knew We Needed: Walmart Introduces The “Crotilla”


If you were as obsessed by the cronut’s introduction in 2013, Walmart’s latest bakery creation will be an answer to your carb loaded prayers. Introducing the crotilla!

As the name suggest, this buttery and flakely slice of flat heaven is a mixture between a tortilla and croissant. It may look like your ordinary piece of naan or flatbread. But, man, is it so much more!

Delish shared the details on this new creation. Apparently, Walmart did not get the idea from Dominque Ansel’s cronut craze. Instead the unique snack was born out of necessity and practicality.

“A representative for the brand said the snack was dreamed up when the bakery team wanted a better alternative for croissants as sandwiches. They loved the pillowy texture; hated the way the pastry collapsed and fell apart when you cut it horizontally,” Delish writes.

The crotilla hit Walmart shelves this past Monday, April 17 at about 800 stores. Each pack of buttery goodness will only set you back about four dollars. No words if the company plans to sell them at all of their stores eventually. However, if you find yourself lucky enough to find a pack. Give them a try and let us know what you think! We will definitely be trying it!

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