New York And Dubai Named As The World’s ‘Instagram Hotspots’

instagram hotspots

Social butterflies around the world are perfecting the art of the ‘selfie’ and creating ‘celebrity-style’ Instagram feeds by uploading approximately 1-2 pictures per day when away on a holiday, new research has found.

The research, by cruise specialists Iglu Cruise, looked at the social media behaviourisms of holiday-makers abroad. Specifically concentrating on the top destinations and landmarks around the world for posting images, before analysing the number of posts that were taken per minute, hour and day.

instagram hotspots

While excessively uploading pictures on holiday might help to increase a person’s social media following, the main intentions of doing so can vary. The study found that the number one reason for posting during a break is to keep friends and family up-to-date. This was followed by documenting the memories and of course, making others jealous.

With Facebook and Instagram revealed as the top ‘apps’ for sharing content, holiday goers are most likely to be boasting about the following five things:

While ‘Insta-fans’ are caught out taking snaps all around the world, it’s those in New York that take center stage with the Big Apple coming in at number one for social shares. An astounding 35 million Facebook check-ins were confirmed during the time that the research was conducted, along with a further 44 million tags for the hashtags on Instagram.

instagram hotspots

The bright lights of Times Square have helped propel New York to the top spot, with 95 posts uploaded every hour in the Big Apple. Snap-happy tourists ‘Instagram’ 2,271 pictures on average every 24 hours in the city.

The modern wonders of Dubai come in a close second, with the Burj Khalifa getting over 700 check-ins a day.

Those heading to a slightly cooler climate can still be re-assured that their Instagram’s needs will be catered for, with the Blue Lagoon, one of Iceland’s most famous attractions, home to 15 posts every hour.

Other findings include:

Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia with 782 check-ins per day (32 every hour)
The iconic Hollywood sign receives on average 219 check-ins per day (nine every hour). Pretty crazy!

“A cruise is the perfect holiday for sharing on social media and the use of social platforms is growing rapidly among cruisers,” Kirsteen Fox, Marketing Director at Iglu Cruise said. “In the 55-64-year-old age group the use of social media passed 50% last year and growth in the 65+ age group was up by 50% last year, bringing it up to 23%.

Fox also explained that all of these top instagrammable destinations uncovered in the research can be visited through one of their cruises. We are booking our tickets now!

“On a cruise, you can visit a world-famous landmark at almost every port of call, providing endless photo opportunities, that’s not to mention the stunning sunsets at sea. Instantly sharing these experiences is the modern-day version of sending a postcard.”

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